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Child & Adolescents Physiotherapy (9+)

Important News


In the next few weeks Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic will be changing its name to MSO Physio.

This is part of an overall re-branding and updating of the company and website but there will be no change to the team or to the great care that our clients have come to expect. In short, although the name is changing you can expect the same level of expertise, professionalism and client-focused care that we are proud to offer.

The reason for the change is to allow for expansion of the business to multiple locations over time and to bring the two current clinics in Sutton and Woking together under one name – MSO Physio.

There will be a brand new website – – with online booking capability and loads of information for clients and referrers alike.


The team at Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic have worked extensively with adolescents, particularly involved in high level sport and have a special interest in musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions affecting this very special age group.

The growing body is subject to huge changes over a relatively short period of time and requires a very specialist approach when assessing and treating often very painful conditions. It is often also at this age that problems can begin to take root and present as problems in later life. Therefore an effective understanding of the underlying causes of problems should be identified and then corrected to help prevent problems into adulthood.

The clinic’s approach includes thorough musculoskeletal and biomechanic testing to identify the root cause of the problem as often growing children lack a great deal of coordination and may move in relatively awkward ways.

With care and attention these movements can be rectified and the individual taught how to improve strength and flexibility in a safe way and begin to understand their bodies in far more detail.

Sports specific training programmes as well as biomechanical corrective exercises are used to help maximise recovery and to prevent future occurrence of injury.

If you wish to book an appointment please call the clinic on 020 8254 2150/020 8644 6566 or email


Common problems seen in this age group include:

Spinal: Torticollis (acute wry neck), joint strains, ligament strains, muscular injuries, overuse injuries, pars fractures, pars defects, stress fractures, facet joint syndrome, postural neck pain, postural back pain, thoracic pain, idiopathic scoliosis, muscle spasm.

Shoulder: Impingement syndromes, muscular strains, muscular tears, tendinitis, tendinopathy, shoulder instability, overuse injuries, shoulder dislocation.

Elbow:  Little leaguer’s elbow, overuse injuries, muscular strains, muscular tears, ligament strains, tendinitis, tendinopathy.

Wrist and Hand: TFCC strains/tears, tendinitis, tendinopathy, ligament strains, ganglion cysts, overuse injuries.

Hip: Slipped upper femoral epiphysis (SUFE), labral tears, overuse injuries, muscular strain, muscular tears, tendinitis, tendinopathy, gluteal strains.

Knee and Leg: Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, Osteochondritis Dissecans, osteochondral defects, muscular strain, muscular tears, ligament strains, chondromalacia patella, patella maltracking, meniscal irritations, meniscal tears, patella dislocation, mcl strain, mcl tear, lcl strain, acl strain, acl tear, overuse injuries, medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints, medial shin pain, activity related lower leg pain,

Foot and Ankle: Sever’s Disease, ligament strains, ligament tears, overuse injuries, muscular strains, muscular tears, overpronation related injuries, plantar fasciitis, osteochondral defects, heel pain, impingement syndromes, stress fractures.