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Injury Prevention Screening / Performance Packages

Important News


In the next few weeks Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic will be changing its name to MSO Physio.

This is part of an overall re-branding and updating of the company and website but there will be no change to the team or to the great care that our clients have come to expect. In short, although the name is changing you can expect the same level of expertise, professionalism and client-focused care that we are proud to offer.

The reason for the change is to allow for expansion of the business to multiple locations over time and to bring the two current clinics in Sutton and Woking together under one name – MSO Physio.

There will be a brand new website – – with online booking capability and loads of information for clients and referrers alike.


Injury Prevention Screening / Performance Packages

More and more athletes and recreational sports people are becoming interested in Injury Prevention and Prehabilitation.

Little do they know that Physiotherapists have been looking at Injury Prevention for years and there are many forms of injury prevention screenings available.

The research behind Injury Prevention says that we cannot truly predict who will become injured because it is multi-factorial, but we can identify risk factors and implement preventative programmes that are individualised and specific for different sports.

At Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic we have created ‘The Performance Packages’.

These are combinations of an injury prevention screening, physiotherapy follow-up and sports massage therapy bundled together to suite different levels of athlete and budget. The bundles include a discount on the total individual price of the separate elements.

Performance packages are aimed at people without acute injury who wish to prepare for, improvement their performance during and aid recovery, after running events, tennis/golf tournaments or football competitions to name but a few.

The injury prevention screenings are performed by one of our fully qualified sports physiotherapists who will run through a series of specific tests looking for weaknesses in either strength, flexibility, mobility, core stability or specific functional movements. This is then turned into a brief report that guides an individualised exercise programme. The screening including feedback lasts for upto 90 minutes.

All of the packages include at least one further 30 minute physio appointment to look at progress and trouble-shoot any problems as required.

All packages also include at least two 30 minute sports massage therapy appointments to deal with those inevitable niggles picked up from training or to aid with pre/post event preparation.  These are with Kieran O’Connor, our resident Sports Massage Therapist.

Packages are in three levels – Essential, Premium and Ultimate. Bespoke packages can be discussed based on individual requirements.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the clinic on 020 8254 2150/020 8644 6566 or email