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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy encompasses a wide range of skills and conditions and is essentially the form of physiotherapy that is used for the treatment of common muscular, tendon, joint, nerve and ligament problems.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is used to assess and treat every part of the body and is the fundamental skill that underpins many other specialities within physiotherapy.

The musculoskeletal physiotherapist applies a very specific and advanced knowledge base of anatomy, biomechanics, pathology, physiology and other sciences to a series of highly developed assessment and treatment skills in order to correct and improve problems within the human body and to reduce pain and restore function.

These problems may be acute – caused by a single incident or injury, or more longstanding – caused by the stresses and strains of everyday life or from incorrect movements patterns experienced during work or sporting activities.

Most people in their life will experience some form of musculoskeletal pain and many of these problems will rectify themselves without the need for intervention, but for those problems that do not resolve or those niggles that just do not seem to go away, physiotherapy may be the answer.

The team at Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic have attended a significant number of post-graduate education courses to further advance their knowledge in this area of physiotherapy. The list is not exhaustive but does encompass many aspects of the human body and it is very likely that we will have seen your problem before.

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