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Patient Information

About Physiotherapy

  • What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment used to help with the pain relief, healing and rehabilitation of most medical and surgical conditions. It is appropriate for a range of muscle, joint and nerve conditions whether resulting from injury, illness or disability.

Physiotherapists use a range of physical, hands-on techniques. As well as manual treatment they will also advise you on exercise programmes, lifestyle modifications and other ways you can reduce further muscle and joint problems.

If they consider it appropriate, physiotherapists may recommend you are seen by other specialists, for example orthopaedic surgeons, pain specialists or rheumatologists.

  • What types of problem can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy can be used to help manage a wide variety of health conditions that affect many of the body’s systems. Most often these conditions relate to problems with bones, nerves, joints and soft tissues. A few day to day examples of these are painful backs, necks and joints, sports injuries, injury resulting from accidents or rehabilitation after surgery or strokes.

  • What does the treatment involve? / What treatments will you use?

Your physiotherapist will begin with a full history, assessment and physical examination to establish the cause and nature of your condition. After this, the physiotherapist will look at the results and consider your past medical history to determine, in conjunction with your wishes, what treatment is most fitting for your needs and create a personalised treatment plan. At Sutton Sports Physio and Physio Clinic we make use of the latest electrotherapy equipment plus, muscle stimulation and acupuncture/dry needling.  We also have our own dedicated rehabilitation/Pilates studio and access to full gym facilities.

  • How effective is physiotherapy?

In the vast majority of cases physiotherapy is considered extremely effective for appropriate conditions. Research suggests that physiotherapy significantly improves the rehabilitation and recovery of these conditions, as well as being instrumental in the prevention of further injury.

The amount of treatment that is required will vary from person to person but Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic aim to treat most patients in around six sessions. If you have had major surgery or your problem has been persistent for some time that number may go up, for acute problems it may go down. Your physiotherapist will be able to give you a rough guide on healing timeframes after they have completed your first appointment.

  • Why choose a Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic physiotherapist?

All our physiotherapists are Chartered Physiotherapists and are highly skilled, trained and registered with the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC). Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic invests in developing our physiotherapists through mentoring and in-service training, all have a minimum of BSc degree level training and are actively encouraged into further education be that MSc or other post-graduate learning.

We aim to provide only the best evidence-based interventions for your problems and maintaining a high standard of education is key to this.

We choose our physiotherapists based also on their experience and all of our physiotherapists have a special interest in the diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and sports injuries.

About Your Appointments

  • What should I wear?

When you come to physiotherapy you are very likely to have to expose the body part that you have a problem with. You should also expect to have to do some form of exercise, so clothing such as a loose top, tracksuit or shorts and trainers is ideal.  Do not worry if you do not have shorts, we have a supply. If your problem is related to a specific sports please bring any appropriate equipment with you such as running trainers etc…

  • How long do sessions last?

Your first appointment will involve a full assessment and will take up to 60 minutes. Most follow up appointments are up to 30 minutes and will depend on what your individual needs. It is possible to book one hour follow-ups but these are charged at full rates.

Sutton Sports Injury also provides sports massage therapy at 30, 45 and 60 minute appointment lengths.

Pilates 1-2-1 sessions, following initial assessment, are 30 or 60 minute and small group classes (maximum 4 people) are one hour long.

  • How much will it cost?

The average course of physiotherapy treatment (an initial assessment and 5 further treatment sessions) is £250-£300 depending on discounts, age group and whether you are insured or self-funding.  Individual discounts may be available, see below for further details.

For full details of pricing please contact our clinic administrator on 020 8254 2150/020 8644 6566 or

  • Do you get treatment during your initial appointment?

Your first session will involve a full assessment and in most cases treatment and recommendations will be made. If your problem is complex, long-standing or multiple body parts are involved then you may only be assessed and treatment will start at the subsequent session. At Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic we aim to provide all of our patients with some form of take home advice or exercise following the initial appointment.

  • Do I need to see my doctor first?

Not always, physiotherapists are autonomous practitioners trained to a very high level and so are able to operate without referral.

Therefore, If you are self-referring and paying for your own treatment then you do not need to see your GP first.

If you use private medical insurance you may require a GP referral, depending on your insurer. You should always check with your insurance company before attending your first session as appointments cannot be back-dated.

  • Will it hurt?

Some treatment can be uncomfortable but at no stage should you be unable to tolerate the level of discomfort. Your physiotherapist will give you clear guidelines on what to expect during and after treatment and what is a normal reaction.

If you have any concerns then you should speak to your physiotherapist immediately.

Some forms of exercise provided may also be sore to perform but should never be frankly painful, if this is the case then please discuss this with your physiotherapist who will work out an alternative for you.

  • Can I bring someone with me?

You are more than welcome to have someone chaperone you during your treatment. In some cases a chaperone is compulsory, such as for children or someone with special needs. We ask that for anyone under the age of 12 that a chaperone is present. All of our physiotherapist are DBS cleared and have attended child and adult safeguarding education.

  • Is parking available?

Sutton Sports Village, where we are based, has a  large free car-park. Please allow sufficient time to park during peak times as the centre can get very busy.

  • How many appointments will I need?

Your physiotherapy treatment is tailored to your individual needs, so it is not possible to advise in advance how many sessions you will need. At your first appointment your physiotherapist will be able to provide you with a rough guide based on healing and recovery timeframes and on your individual assessment findings. The national average sessions for physiotherapy interventions is around 6 total sessions.

You can be assured at Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic you will not be over or under-treated. We mentor our physiotherapists to ensure all our practitioners treat to the same high standard. We will never continue treating beyond the point that is necessary and will teach you how to take steps to help prevent needing future treatment as required.

Some patients require ongoing maintenance, something that the NHS cannot provide and so the occasional patient will stay with the clinic for a long time but this is the exception rather than the rule.

  • Can I stop treatment any time?

Yes, you can stop your treatment at any time. However, we do recommend that you complete the planned treatment course as some effects are temporary and require repeated session to have a long term impact.

If you feel the treatment is not achieving the results you anticipate, discuss this with your physiotherapist as they may be able to offer alternatives treatment to achieve your desired results, or another physiotherapist within the practice may have more knowledge and/or experience with your particular problem.

If you do stop treatment you are welcome to return to physiotherapy when this suits you. If this period is longer than 12 weeks the physiotherapist will need to complete a full initial assessment before recommencing treatment.

  • What do I do if physiotherapy is not helping me?

If the treatment is not helping you then do discuss these concerns with your physiotherapist who will discuss your progress with you throughout your treatment. If your problem is long-standing or complex it may take some time to make improvement. With rehabilitation it takes at least six weeks and more realistically 12 weeks to make real changes to your body, so be patient.

If required your physiotherapist can discuss your case with the Lead Physio or arrange a joint session to ensure that your problem is accurately identified and the correct intervention chosen.

About Discounts

  • I’m a Better Gym member – do I get a discount?

Individual discounts may be available based on, for example, your gym membership status. Please advise the staff member when making your booking. You will need to have your membership number and gym location details to hand.

  • I’ve had physiotherapy with Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic. Do I get discounts on any other services?

At present we are not able to offer discounts for other services but we are in discussions with Better to offer short-term memberships or free trial periods of Better Gyms to aid your rehabilitation process.

About Payments/Charges

  • When are cancellation fees charged?

A cancellation fee of £20 will be charged if you do not attend an appointment without notice or cancel an appointment with less than one full working days’ notice.

  • How will payment be taken?

We accept all forms of payment and can also provide bank details for BACS transfer if you prefer.  We ask that all appointments are paid for either in advance or at the time of the appointment.  We accept all major credit/debit cards except American Express and Diner’s Club.

Gift vouchers are available for use against any product/service at Sutton Sports Injury Clinic and are provided in a gift voucher envelope to make an ideal present.

  • Can I pay using my Private Medical Insurance?

Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic is registered with all of the major insurance providers. If you wish to use a health insurance product to fund your treatment and would like Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic to bill your insurer directly, please call our dedicated administrator on 020 8254 2150/020 8644 6566 to find out more.

Physiotherapy Patient Information Sheet