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Nick [Wirth] recommended Hope [Anderson] to give me some Deep Tissue Massages. I had a left knee replacement on 12th April 2019 and the back of my knee was very painful and swollen, I could barely bend it.

I had several sessions with Hope and although painful, I found them very helpful. The knee has greatly improved. I can bend it a bit better.

Hope at all times was Professional, confident and caring. Her warm smile immediately put me at ease. She is a great credit to the team.

AG, Retired Midwife, Wallington


I came to Nick [Wirth] after suffering chronic lower back pain for a couple of years that was hindering my ability to run at all.  I received high quality advice, care and treatment throughout.  I was provided with a phased and coherent set of exercises and instructions that remedied my issues without rushing the process at all. All along the way my overall well-being was placed at the centre of the developing course of treatment.  So much so that by the end of my course of appointments the overriding impact was on my quality of life and not the running with which I originally sought help.  As a result my chronic pain has disappeared, I am running fully once more, but more fundamentally my general movement, health and wellbeing (including quality of sleep) have all significantly improved in comparison with how I was when I took my first appointment.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nick [Wirth] due to the high quality of treatment and care provided.

MF, Primary School Teacher, Carshalton

I can’t even express how much Nick [Wirth] helped me with my torn ACL and meniscal tear. He was always encouraging and put lots of effort in to my recovery. He is great at his job and always believed that I would recover fully. I am so glad and grateful, excellent service and broad knowledge of the field. I can absolutely recommend him. Many thanks to Nick.
DP, Retired, Worcester Park 

I was under the care of Nick [Wirth] suffering from pelvic misalignment, muscle spasm and sciatica.  During the time I underwent treatment I was accurately diagnosed with an impingement of the sciatic nerve  which was later confirmed with an MRI scan as a bulging lumbar disc.

During the time I received treatment, I experienced relief from the symptoms and was given a series of exercises to carry out for self-care in between appointments.   Nick was very practical and pragmatic with the advice he gave me, informing me that surgery is really a last resort and that there are various other options to help recover from the issue.

I have now been given the opportunity of receiving Pilates in a class run at the clinic by a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist [Harriet Jones], which will be bespoke treatment for the spinal issue I am experiencing.  I would happily recommend this clinic and their staff to anyone experiencing any issues.

LS, Administrator, North Cheam

After being diagnosed with a torn cartilage in the knee and patella instability, I started attending physiotherapy with Stuart [Mailer] as I had been told my knee problem might heal with physio, but I might opt for surgery instead as this was also an option. This was in June/July 2018 and at the time I was not pain free at any point during the day or night and needed to use a crutch to walk.
It is now October 2018 and I can walk over 10,000 steps per day, can work out hard on an exercise bike and am sleeping pain free most nights. I still have some pain but this is at a much reduced level and is much less often and I am 100% confident that Stuart’s knowledge, skill and physio exercises will eliminate this pain.
By completing all the exercises given by Stuart [Mailer], I am no longer in need of surgery and am feeling increasingly active and am in no doubt that my knee will be fully functioning in the near future. I cannot praise Stuart’s support, advice, instruction and exercise programme enough. I feel like choosing the physio route with Stuart [Mailer], rather than opting for surgery, was a wise decision as I have been treated by an expert physiotherapist who has given me back an active life.
PS, Teaching Assistant, Sutton
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you [Nick Wirth], Hope [Anderson] and Kieran [O’Connor] for getting me through my marathon yesterday. Getting injured so near the event was a nightmare but thanks to he help of all of you it was absolutely fine on the day.
With only one long run under my belt and no taper I still finished in 3hrs 54mins which put me 41st female and 9th in my age group. Sadly I was 4 minutes off the qualifying time that I had been hoping for before I got injured, but given how badly the last 5 weeks training went, I’m happy to let that go.
Thanks again to all 3 of you – I really appreciated your help.
JH, Physiotherapist, Carshalton
I first came to see Nick [Wirth] on the 8th of Jan 2018, I was in severe back pain and was unable to stand upright. Nick listened to me and was re-assuring and very encouraging. I also had a very painful  knee. I saw Nick regularly and at all times he was caring and very professional. The pain in my back eventually improved and Nick concentrated on my knee. At times I was feeling very low and wanted to give up but Nick was very sympathetic and encouraging. On the 18th of May I had a total knee replacement and Nick has continued with my post operative care to date. My new knee is getting stronger each day.
Please continue what you are doing. This clinic provides an excellent service.
AG, Retired, Wallington
I completed the London Half Marathon on Sunday…Hooray!! This did not seem possible at the beginning of last week. Nick [Wirth] diagnosed my leg issue, gave me exercises etc… to do, very thorough and clear and on Saturday Sandeep [Nageshwararao] did fantastic work in manipulating my muscles etc… and providing supportive strapping. their advice, manipulation and general expertise meant I hardly felt any leg pain at all through the whole 13 miles. Everything else hurts, but not what they worked on!!!
Brilliant. I saw so many people fall by the wayside with cramp, bad knees etc…
Thankyou both for a great outcome.
FR, Retired, Sutton
I am a very happy client of yours [Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic] and attend the core stability class. My husband has noticed a large significant improvement in my mobility, and the strength in my core. I should be running up the stairs to my Improvers Core Stability class with Sandeep [Nageshwararao] later on in the month.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kieran [Pinkney] for this help initially ‘sorting’ my left leg out, which was inhibiting my mobility, by giving me exercises and advice. 10 weeks has passed since my first consultation with Kieran and not one pain relief tablet has passed my lips. Thank you Kieran…I should be playing bowls by the summer.  Please thank Cristina for organising me.
VT, Retired Prison Officer, Carshalton

5 weeks ago I had a very stiff painful knee joint. The great advice and techniques that Sandeep [Nageshwararao] has given me means that I am back to being active and pain free. Highly recommend the clinic and therapist.

PH, Teacher, Sutton, Surrey


Fabulous clinic and physiotherapists, very professional, should’ve come months ago. Highly recommend the clinic and therapist.

WP, Retired, Sutton, Surrey


“I have been to [Sutton Sports Injury and Physio Clinic] for two different things and was (and still am being) very well looked after. As a dancer, I often experience tightness in my muscles and am prone to injuries. Kieran O’Connor was my massage therapist and did an amazing job, helping relieve tension in my shoulder and neck muscles in preparation for dance competitions. I was extremely happy as I could dance more comfortably and therefore a lot better. I then injured my knee during a competition with a problem in my knee cap and have been receiving treatment from Nick Wirth. Nick really does know his stuff and has been really helpful in helping me get through the fact I can’t dance for a while! The exercises and advice I have been given have been crucial to my recovery and I have started to see some results already.

I’m really chuffed with both therapists and would 100% recommend this clinic. All the staff are super friendly and make you feel at home. the administrator, Cristina, has amazing attention to detail and provides exceptional customer service.”

AD, Dancer, Sutton, Surrey

“I first saw Nick Wirth at Sutton Sports Physio when they opened. As a professional tennis player, they have been faced with my (all too frequent) injuries. I have received a wide variety of first rate treatment, not just from Nick, but also from specific massage therapists. On every occasion I have been treated in a friendly, professional and practical way. I am particularly impressed with how all the practitioners communicate with each other, increasing the flexibility of my treatment.

All the reception staff are welcoming and efficient, adding to the warm and friendly environment. Hence, why I have and continue to highly recommend such a first-class physio practice.”

TS, Professional Tennis Player, Wimbledon, London


“I am in my 50’s and have knee problems due to running when I was younger.

My partner and I decided to walk some of the Camino de Santiago in the mountains of Northern Spain for charity over a period of 6 days.

I saw Nick Wirth who gave me some fantastic exercises to do and gave me really good advice about keeping my joints and muscles cold after each day of walking.  It worked like a dream as we did 10 hours of walking a day!  It was difficult, as we were climbing a lot of mountains!  But having done the exercises for four weeks prior to going to Spain it meant I did not have ANY aches or pains during the trip and was able to cover the 120 miles with no problems at all.

A big thank you to Nick for all your help.  It was invaluable.  I would highly recommend him.”

LS, Teacher, West Ewell, Surrey,


“Members of our family have attended Sutton Sports Physio over many years for a vast range of problems, ranging from serious sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation to stiff muscles. We have found them more than able and willing to cater for all our different requirements.

All members of the team, from the reception staff to the senior physiotherapists have been friendly, helpful, responsive and competent. When required, their approach is cutting-edge. I am please to highly recommend this practice to you.”

BA, Lawyer, Wimbledon, London


“I just wanted to send you a note to place on record of my appreciation for the work that Nick Wirth did for me.  A few weeks ago injured my thigh for which I needed physiotherapy.  Nick Wirth did a terrific job.  He quickly determined what the problem was, treated it, and then prescribed a great routine for me to follow.  I was very impressed with his professionalism and general attitude.”

TP, Fund Manager, Cheam, Surrey


Nick has been treating me since April 2007, initially for a shoulder injury followed by treatment for a chronic problem in my lower back.

Rightly or wrongly, I ask a lot of my body and though it is loyal and gives me much in return, it does sometimes crack under pressure and so a good sports physiotherapist has become an essential, and in all likelihood, a continuous part of my relationship with my body.  This particular breed (a GOOD sports physio (GSP)) can be hard to locate.   No sooner found, treatment started, GSP disappears – generally to government funded elite sport programmes (confirming my nose for a GSP) but leaving me once more on the hunt.

I’m happy to say that I’ve been really pleased with the progress I’ve made with Nick.

For me, it all starts with an accurate diagnosis.  I am really impressed by Nick’s meticulous approach to this and his strong medical background is a huge asset in this regard.  I have seen too many physios who are disassociated from this aspect, in comparison.  He is very experienced in needling, another big asset to complementing his treatments.   I appreciate that with people who do sport, musculo-skeletal injuries can sometimes be difficult to diagnose and therefore difficult to crack.  I like his holistic approach, his commitment to moving on to try another avenue of treatment, seeing this in a positive light and passing on this positivity to his patient.  With a chronic condition it would be easy to be negative about not achieving a relatively swift fix (for both physio and patient).  He involves other consultants so there is escalation in his treatment plan and most of all, he listens to his patient, explains, educates, and works as a team to achieve a result. Of course I appreciate that in order to work as a team, a patient has to make a personal time commitment to do rehab.

If this is in place, then for me the equation is simple.  Accurate diagnosis + relevant treatment + patient individual rehab + communication = 9 times out of 10: result.

I am getting results with Nick and he is restoring agility and vitality to a body, which, if you read my MRI scan results, you would not believe possible.”

CK, Business Woman and Martial Artist, Kingston, Surrey


“After a skiing injury and subsequent surgery  to repair a torn rotator cuff tendon I went to Nick Wirth for rehab physio  as I still had very limited movement in my shoulder joint.

Thanks to his excellent therapy and exercise regime I made a full recovery,  he increased the mobility  and was able to restore full movement that I previously enjoyed and am now  painfree once again  and  able to return to skiing.

He is a fantastic physio and would highly recommend him.”

SL, Interior Designer, Sutton, Surrey


“I first saw Nick Wirth at Sutton Sports Physio knowing I was going to have major surgery for a knee replacement.

I was advised by Nick of the importance of correct treatment & advice to insure my leg was ready and prepared for surgery.

After surgery my rehabilitation plan started to take shape with me visiting the clinic on a weekly basis.

The excellent treatment & advice I was given aided a full and speedy recovery.

I can’t speak highly enough of the professionalism & attention to detail I received whenever I attended to the clinic.

I still attend the clinic periodically.  No matter how small the problem, nothing is too much trouble, I am always treated sympathetically & always leave re-assured.”

GP, Retired, Carshalton, Surrey